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Welcome to the #1 fan site for AFK Dungeon, an endless idle action RPG available globally on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac!

This new strategy game features lively 3D action within a roguelike, endless dungeon. You’ll find yourself drawn into the gameplay as your hero smashes through droves of enemies and bosses one after the other. And if you’re a busy person, don’t worry about getting left behind—just play when you have time, as your hero will grow even when you’re AFK!

Whether you’re eating, sleeping, working, studying, or doing anything else, your hero gets stronger through AFK farming. Just make sure to check back as much as you can to claim all the rewards from AFK farming!

Our site offers the best guides, the latest coupon codes, and all complete patch notes. If you want to take part in the community, please join our Discord! And, if you want to learn how to play AFK Dungeon on your computer, read our guide for PC and Mac here!

Active AFK Dungeon Codes

Read our coupon code guide to see all active coupon codes. We recommend saving it as a bookmark so you can easily check for the current active codes!

AFK Dungeon Overview

Fight monsters, earn gold and jewels, complete quests, collect achievements, take part in challenges, upgrade your equipment, and more in this new idle action strategy game! The game starts off easy enough, but you’ll soon find that you’ll need a good strategy to get far.

You’ll need to choose your skills, runes, mastery, upgrades, and enhancements wisely, since even the smallest thing could make a huge difference. Beat bosses, smash your way through multiple dungeons, and make friends so you can fight dragons during raids. Plus, having friends in-game will get you daily gifts of invaluable gold and jewels!

If you find yourself lost or unable to progress further, check out our guides as we’ll keep them updated often!