AFK Dungeon 1.0.20 Update


Update released on May 13, 2021.

Release Notes

A portal has opened and connected the dungeon to a parallel universe. Go on an adventure in a fascinating new world! Fierce dragons have made their way into the dungeon, and only you and your friends can fight them.

To help you legendary equipment sets containing dragon powers have been added. Also, sending and receiving messages and gifts is now even easier with the new one-touch option! And elemental powers release their strength in an even more brilliant way now.


  • Tornado, Meteor, Chain Lightning skill effects have been changed.

New Features

  • New server added.
  • Raid contents added.
  • New legendary equipment set added. (Black Dragon Knight, White Dragon Knight)
  • Send gifts to all friends.
  • Accept all mail at once.
  • 3 dragon eggs (red, green, blue) added to the rebirth shop.


  • Character level achievement package 2 released.

Bug Fixes

  • Achievement/Quest “Open Equipment Chest”: An issue where the number of equipment is displayed instead of the required number of chests has been resolved






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