AFK Dungeon 1.0.24 Update


Release Notes

New patch released on May 27, 2021 contains lots of new features, a new server, enhancements, and more!

New Features

  • New (4th) server opening.
  • Equipment sales function added.
    Sell equipment to earn gold!
    Level-ups, enhanced equipment & legendary grades cannot be sold.
15,000 Gold10,000 Gold5,000 Gold
  • Mimic key added.
    Using the key instead of jewels to open a box allows you to earn twice the mimic points.
    The mimic key lets you open 10 chests at a time.
  • White dragon set added.
  • Attack speed limited to 1000%.
    When exceeding a certain attack speed motions were too fast to be applied to the actual damage calculation.
    The excess attack speed will convert to a super critical rate at a certain percentage.


  • Level range of mimic boxes reduced.
  • Mimic level-up steps without any changes or benefits have been removed.
  • The increase in equipment per box and the necessary experience to obtain higher-grade legendary sets remains unchanged, so you can enjoy the same benefits as before.
  • Arena season 2.
  • Season 2 rewards have been changed to raid eggs.
  • Gold has been removed from the VIP shop and instead the Mimic Key was added.
  • The power has been adjusted to match the super crit rate and max attack speed.
  • Equipment max level increased from 99 to 120.






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