AFK Dungeon 1.0.26 Update


1.0.26 version was released on June 4, 2021

New Features

Seventh server opening

Due to the influx of global users we are opening a new server earlier than expected.

New raid levels (Levels 21 and 22) opening

Here you can obtain Black Dragon Knight’s equipment.

Locking scroll

  • If you try refining after using the Locking Scroll, you can compare with the existing option and make your choice. 
  • The lock will be released when the new refinement option is applied.
  • Locking scrolls can be purchased from the VIP Shop and in the refinement menu.
  • Improved gold growth/reincarnation
  • You can grow 10 times, 100 times, and to the max. with one click.

Challenge, arena settlement time

  • Settlement time is added to the Challenge and Arena for a stable service.
  • During the settlement time, contents are not available.
  • Challenges are evaluated daily, while Arena is paid every Monday.

New options

  • Added option to turn push notifications on/off.
  • You can receive vibration notifications when coin rewards appear.

Daily Products

  • A new daily product has been added to the store.


Friend functions separated by server.

Existing friends on other servers will be deleted. When searching only users within the same server can be searched for and added as friends.

Tower of Trials Equipment more likely to appear

The probability of skeleton king legendary equipment coming out of the tower of trials reward chest has increased significantly.

Furthermore, we have fixed many of the bugs and issues reported by our players! Thank you for your support!






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