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AFK Dungeon arena

As an endless action idle RPG, AFK Dungeon not only offers PVE or PVM (player versus monster) gameplay but also PVP (player versus player) gameplay. These battles between players take place in the Arena, where players fight to increase their ranking.

Basic Rules

Of course, the goal of each battle is to defeat your opponent. However, each battle has a 15-second time limit. In case neither player reaches 0 HP after 15 seconds, whoever has a higher HP will win the match.

An important thing to keep in mind is that you will need to spend Arena tickets for each battle you participate in. The good news is, your character gets a free Arena ticket every 15 minutes.


Your ranking in the Arena is decided by the amount of ranking points you own.

If you want to see how far you will need to rise, the Arena offers a convenient way to check. Simply go to the Arena, and you will see the current rankings for the season. You can see the top 100 players in the Arena, as well as their ranking points and hero power. And, you can also check their gear if you want to.

At the same time, you get to see your own current ranking. You will be able to see your ranking points and compare them with those at the top. The higher your ranking, the better the rewards you will receive once the season ends.

Ranking Points

In the Arena, ranking points are invaluable. As these points determine your current ranking and rewards, you will need to make sure you earn as much as and lose as little as possible.

To earn ranking points, your character will need to fight and win against other players in the Arena. Depending on your character’s current power, this can be difficult. The good news is, successfully dodging other players’ attacks will also give you some ranking points.

On the other hand, any match against other players that you lose in the Arena will result in a loss of ranking points. Additionally, failing to dodge other player’s attacks against your character will also result in a loss of ranking points.


Each time a season ends, you will receive rewards. As we said, the higher your rank, the better the rewards will be, so reach as high as you can.


It can be difficult to reach a high ranking, but don’t worry. Every Monday, you will receive rewards depending on your current ranking, no matter how low.

Furthermore, these rewards are called “Loot”. These are different from the ones you receive at the end of the season, so there’s no need to rush and risk losing your ranking points.

Match History

In the Arena, you can check your match history whenever you want to. By doing so, you will see a list of players who have challenged you and players you have challenged, along with the result of each challenge.

When you check your match history, you get the option to request a revenge match against a player who beat your character after challenging you.

However, keep in mind that your ranking points will decrease if you lose any revenge match. So, think carefully and only challenge the ones you can defeat.


When you begin playing AFK Dungeon, you may find some of the features confusing or overwhelming. With so many things you need to think about and consider, this is only understandable. So to help you get a grasp of the Arena, we made this guide.

Recommended Skills

Of course, the best skills for your character to equip will all depend on his stats. But, we recommend this skill set as we have seen a very high win rate with these skills equipped.

AFK Dungeon Arena skills and runes

Tornado – Dark Shadow – Meteor – Divine Protection

Why do we recommend these skills?

Of course, each skill has its own purpose.

The first two skills, Tornado and Dark Shadow, increase your character’s dps (damage per second). Meanwhile, the third skill, Meteor, provides additional AOE (area of effect) damage while also knocking down enemies for a second. Although the knock down time is short, even a single second can make the difference in battle. Lastly, Divine Protection gives your character immunity for a few seconds.

Combined, the four skills work together to increase your character’s damage output while also increasing his survivability. Thus, these four skills are perfect for a battle in the Arena.

Recommended Runes

The higher your character’s level, the more choices you have of runes to equip. So, we recommend getting your character to level up as fast as possible in the beginning. After all, not only does this give you more skills, but it also gives you more mastery points to allocate.

Intelligence Rune – Spell Rune – Typhoon Rune – Flame Rune – Shadow Rune

Why do we recommend these runes?

Just like the skills, each rune serves its own purpose.

  • Intelligence Rune —Equipping this rune decreases the amount of mana you need to cast each skill. The lower the mana consumption, the more skills you cast, and the higher your character’s damage will be.
  • Spell Rune — Equipping this rune increases your character’s normal attack by a percentage of his maximum mana. This means that your character’s DPS will increase just by equipping this rune.
  • Typhoon Rune — Equipping this rune increases the probability of your character summoning 2 tornadoes every time he casts the skill.
  • Flame Rune — Equipping this rune increases the number of maximum meteors that your character can summon each time he casts the skill.
  • Shadow Rune — Equipping this rune increases the probability of your character summoning an extra shadow every time he casts the Dark Shadow skill.


These runes will only work best if you have the Wizard mastery maxed out. If you want to see the masteries we recommend prioritizing, check out our Mastery guide.






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