Camp Basic Info

You can hire different types of helpers who automatically execute various functions. 

By purchasing helper tokens and setting the desired conditions, the specific helper will use the tokens and automatically do their function.

Helpers will not work if all tokens are consumed.


When new equipment is acquired, it is used as a level up material for the equipment that is currently equipped. 

The grade and part of the equipment to be used as a level up material can be selected.

Equipment will not be leveled up if there is insufficient gold.

The blacksmith does not use legendary equipment as level up material.

Dungeon Guard

After the dungeon cooldown ends, the character will be summoned to the dungeon.

You can set the dungeon’s level and type.

Rewards won’t be received and tokens will be consumed if the dungeon is not cleared.

Rebirth Guide

Rebirth will occur when the designated stage is cleared.

The Rebirth Store will not appear if Rebirth is done through the Rebirth Guide.






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