AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes (January 2023)

Whether you’re a F2P (free to play) player or you simply love free items, you might want to try the new idle endless action RPG: AFK Dungeon. The developers give out AFK Dungeon coupon codes, which will get you free gold, free jewels, and free mimic keys! These codes can be redeemed in-game, and they’ll help you progress much faster in this idle action RPG—for free!

In this guide, we will show you a list of all active AFK Dungeon coupon codes and what you’ll get when you redeem them. Of course, we’ll also show you how to redeem them, and provide a list of expired coupon codes so you’ll know which ones to ignore.

Lastly, we’ll keep this guide updated, so make sure to bookmark it and check back often for any new codes!

Latest AFK Dungeon Codes

Active Codes

Coupon CodeReward
BLAD500JW500 Gems
AFK77710,000 Gems

Expired Codes

Coupon CodeReward
HelloFriend1000 Gems and 6 Mimic Keys
NEWHEROES082320 Soulstones
300KTHANKS30,000,000 Gold and 3 Mimic Keys
FREEAFK50,000,000 Gold and 1,000 Jewels
GOOGLE1ST11,111,111 Gold and 1,111 Jewels
OLYMPICFIGHTING2020 Gems and 1 Mimic Key
GDVALHALLA815 2000 Gems and 2 Mimic Keys

What Are AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes?

AFK Dungeon coupon codes are combinations of words and numbers that you can redeem in-game for free rewards. The developers, CookApps, give out these codes to show appreciation for their loyal fan base.

Some codes have expiration dates, while others may not, so it’s important to redeem the codes as soon as you can. The developers can release coupon codes during special events or just out of nowhere, so make sure to keep an eye on this page!

How Do I Redeem AFK Dungeon Codes?

For Android Users:

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Click on the coupon button
  3. Enter or paste the code in the textbox
  4. Receive the free items in the mailbox
  5. Enjoy AFK Dungeon with your free gift!

For iPhone Users:

Visit this link to enter the coupon code:

For PC Players:

Simply follow the same procedure as android users.

  1. Click on the settings icon
  2. Click on the coupon button
  3. Enter or paste the code in the textbox
  4. Receive the free items in the mailbox
  5. Enjoy AFK Dungeon with your free gift!

How To Get More AFK Dungeon Coupon Codes?

As we said, the developers release coupon codes during events or whenever they feel like it. But don’t worry, we’ll make things simple for you—we’ll update this guide as soon as new codes are available. So, all you have to do is keep checking this guide often!

On that note, we recommend adding this page to your bookmarks so you can easily check it whenever you want to.

What should I spend gold on?

Because your character’s power depends a lot on his equipment, we recommend saving your gold to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading your equipment can become costly the higher the level, and you’ll find your gold quickly depleting once you upgrade your gear.

If you have extra gold to spare, you can spend it on upgrading your attributes while they’re at low levels.

What should I spend jewels on?

The longer you play the game, you will find jewels to be more invaluable than gold. To help you avoid wasting any of your jewels, we recommend buying VIP points first and unlocking your rune slots.

Unlike many other games, AFK Dungeon allows you to buy VIP points using an in-game currency. This is good news for all players, whether f2p or not. Using your jewels, you can buy VIP Points from the VIP Shop once a day. 

The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will receive. In fact, reaching VIP 7 gives a lot of benefits, including increased attack power growth and HP growth. But, you will need 8,500 VIP points to reach that point, which can take a while to earn.

AFK Dungeon VIP 7 benefits

Aside from those, you can also spend your jewels on buying keys for the Mimic Chest. Once you reach VIP 2, you can buy 3 Mimic Keys once a day from the VIP Shop using your jewels. Each key will give you 10 pieces of equipment from the Mimic Chest, which you will definitely need the higher your equipment levels are at.

Lastly, you can also spend your jewels to buy any of the three Tokens for the Camp. In the Camp, you will find an option to automate upgrading your equipment, running dungeons, and going through a rebirth. If you leave your game running in the background a lot, you will definitely find these features to be useful.

Credit to SIG#4203, Magnus#9000, Velius315#4366, Rusty95ca#8036, Jumong#1933, and Xhuu#5456 for their contributions to this guide.

How To Play AFK Dungeon

AFK Dungeon is an endless idle RPG action game now available everywhere on Android, Apple, and PC.

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