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In AFK Dungeon, your character can equip a helmet, armor, boots, gloves, accessories, a weapon, and a shield. You can obtain any of these gear from defeating boss monsters, running the Equipment Dungeon, and completing the Tower of Trials Challenge.

In the Equipment tab, you can choose which gear you want to equip, see how your equipped gear looks on your character, upgrade equipment, and refine them using Grindstones.

Make sure to keep selling or using your equipment to upgrade your equipped gear as you will not be able to obtain any more equipment once your inventory is full. 

Selling Equipment

One of the things you can do with your unequipped gear is to sell them. By selling any type of equipment, you will receive gold corresponding to its grade. Of course, the higher the grade, the more gold you will receive in return.

However, keep in mind that you will not be able to sell Legendary equipment, enhanced equipment, or those that you have leveled up. 

Equipment GradeSelling Price
Normal5,000 Gold
Rare10,000 Gold
Unique15,000 Gold
LegendaryCannot be sold

Auto Equipping Gears

In the Equipment tab, you will find the “Auto Equip” button below your equipped gears. By clicking this button, the game will automatically equip your character with all the gear that has the highest Power.

Equipment Stats

In AFK Dungeon, all types of equipment can give different attributes and boost your different stats.


When your equipment boosts your attack, it increases your character’s normal attack by the same value.

However, keep in mind that your character’s attack will not always reflect his attack power once he attacks an enemy. After all, your character’s damage decreases because the target’s defensive power and damage reduction are factored in.

Attack Speed

By default, your character attacks once per second. Without any boosts to his attack speed, once per second is how often your character will attack enemies.

However, any equipment boosts to your character’s attack speed will multiply this ratio. In fact, a maximum attack speed increase of 1,000% can be applied.

Once you have reached that maximum, you will no longer be able to increase your character’s attack speed. Instead, the excess will be converted to a super critical rate at a certain percentage.

Critical Hit Rate

All damage that your character deals has a certain chance of becoming a critical hit. The probability of this happening is known as the critical hit rate, which has a maximum of 100% in AFK Dungeon.

Similar to attack speed boosts, once your critical hit rate exceeds 100%, the excess will be converted to your character’s super critical rate at a certain percentage.

Critical Damage

The higher your character’s critical hit rate, the higher the probability of dealing critical damage. Basically, a critical hit increases the damage of your character’s normal attacks and skills by a certain value.


Your character’s defense plays a huge part in his survivability. Every time your character receives damage, the system subtracts your defense from the enemy’s Power. The remainder is then the damage subtracted from your character’s HP.

Max HP

Another factor that plays a big part in your character’s survivability is his Max HP. Just as the name states, this is the maximum amount of HP that your character can have.

HP Regen

Along with his defense and max HP, your character’s HP Regen helps him stay alive for longer. Every second your character is alive, he regenerates part of his HP by whatever value his HP Regen stat is at.

Max Mana

Your character’s ability to continuously dish out skills is greatly affected by his maximum mana. Just as the name states, this is the maximum amount of mana that your character can have.

Mana Regen

Your character recovers his mana every second according to this value. A higher mana regen means that your character will be able to cast skills continuously.

Move Speed

Any equipment boosts to this stat increases your character’s movement speed in the game by this value. The faster your character can move, the faster he can reach enemies and defeat them.

Damage Reduction

Whenever your character receives damage, the system reduces the opponent’s attack damage by subtracting your defense. After that, the opponent’s damage is decreased even more by the value of your character’s damage reduction stat.

The maximum damage reduction stat remains at 90%. Once the damage reduction stat exceeds 90%, the excess will be converted to a super critical rate at a certain percentage.

Skill Damage

Your character’s skill damage increases by the value of this boost. Each equipment may boost one or more types of skill damage, and each equipment may boost a different type of damage.

For instance, your equipped armor may boost your dark skill damage and elemental skill damage, while your sword boosts your holy skill damage.

Super Crit Rate

One of the most important stats in the game, super crit rate passively gives your character a way to deal high damage. Any super critical hits that your character does deals 3 times more damage than critical hits.

Remember that you can only increase your super critical rate by exceeding the limits of attack speed (1,000%), critical hit rate (100%), and damage reduction rate (90%).

Upgrading Your Equipment

Once you have equipped the best gear you own, you will obtain more and more equipment that you will not be able to equip.

Aside from selling them, another way to discard them is by using them as enhancement materials to upgrade your equipped gear. To upgrade each piece of equipment, you will need the same type to use as enhancement material.

For instance, if you want to upgrade your character’s armor, you will need to use other types of armor as enhancement materials. They don’t necessarily have to be the exact same armor, but using similar armor does have its advantages. 

Keep in mind that duplicate pieces of armor make it easier to level up your equipped armor by offering more exp. This can help you save gold as you will need to spend gold each time you upgrade your equipment.

Note that the maximum level you can upgrade your equipment is Level 120.


When choosing which gear to use as enhancement materials, the “Autofill” button can help you out. It simply fills out the boxes for enhancement materials with the gear you don’t have equipped.

Of course, the system will not auto fill the boxes with Legendary equipment. 

Equipment Extraction

Once you have upgraded equipment to over Level 10, you can examine and extract them. By analyzing equipment, you will be able to convert 50 to 100% of the Exp you spent upgrading the equipment into the corresponding essence.

You can use the extracted essence to level up the same type of equipment. Basically, analyzing equipment recycles 50 to 100% of the Exp you first used. 

However, keep in mind that you will need to spend 500 jewels to analyze equipment. And, you will need to spend more jewels to analyze the equipment again. All analyzed equipment will revert to Level 1 after extraction.

Enhancing Equipment

Another way to improve your equipment is by enhancing them.

To enhance any piece of equipment, you will need two of the gear you want to enhance. For example, to enhance your equipped Cadet’s Sword, you will need an extra one in your inventory.

Before enhancing your equipment, keep in mind that you will need to spend Rebirth Stones for each enhancement.

Furthermore, each enhancement is not always guaranteed, and you will lose your Rebirth Stones whether it succeeds or fails. However, the success probability will increase slightly each time your previous attempt fails.

Equipment enhancement begins at +1 and reaches the maximum at +99. 

Refining Equipment

In the Mines Challenge, you receive Grindstones as a reward. These Grindstones allow you to Refine your equipment, giving them additional stats on top of the default ones they give. 

The better the effect of the additional stat, the lower the probability of refining it. You can obtain the following additional stats by refining your equipment.

Option 1: 3.2% Probability

Attack, Attack Speed 1, Max HP 1, Max Mana 1, Critical Hit Rate 1, Critical Damage 1, Movement Speed 1, Physical Skill Damage 1, Elemental Skill Damage 1, Dark Skill Damage 1, Holy Skill Damage 1, Defense 1, Damage Reduction 1.

Option 2: 2.56% Probability

Attack, Attack Speed 2, Max HP 2, Max Mana 2, Critical Hit Rate 2, Critical Damage 2, Movement Speed 2, Physical Skill Damage 2, Elemental Skill Damage 2, Dark Skill Damage 2, Holy Skill Damage 2, Defense 2, Damage Reduction 2.

Option 3: 1.28% Probability

Attack 3, Attack Speed 3, Max HP 3, Max Mana 3, Critical Hit Rate 3, Critical Damage 3, Movement Speed 3, Physical Skill Damage 3, Elemental Skill Damage 3, Dark Skill Damage 3, Holy Skill Damage 3, Defense 3, Damage Reduction 3.

Option 4: 0.64% Probability

Attack 4, Attack Speed 4, Max HP 4, Max Mana 4, Critical Hit Rate 4, Critical Damage 4, Movement Speed 4, Physical Skill Damage 4, Elemental Skill Damage 4, Dark Skill Damage 4, Holy Skill Damage 4, Defense 4, Damage Reduction 4.


Once you obtain Legendary equipment, you will be able to register them to your collection. By collecting and registering all parts of the same Legendary equipment set, you will receive an increased collection effect.

If you register the same equipment to your collection, you will notice your collection number increasing.


Keep in mind that these following tips will be most beneficial for F2P players.

10-10 Normal Boss

Instead of upgrading all of your stats equally, prioritize flat stats such as defense and attack. To give you a better perspective, a defense stat of 16k and attack stat of 2.5k can help you afk the 10-10 Normal boss, as long as you have the maxed out wizard runes equipped.

By farming the 10-10 Normal boss, you will be able to obtain royal gears and dragon eggs.

10-10 Hard Boss

To defeat the 10-10 Hard boss, you will need a high enough damage reduction stat. But if that is too difficult to achieve, you can focus on increasing your character’s defense to 65k to 70k instead. This will result in a close win, but you will still be able to afk farm the 10-10 Hard boss.

Recommended Equipment for F2P Players

Squire’s Sword +20

Early in the game, a squire’s sword at +20 will serve you well. In fact, it can be better than a crusader sword at +3. And, it needs fewer enhancement materials because it is not a Legendary item. Additionally, it boosts your attack damage, attack speed, and critical hit damage.

However, because it is only a Unique (purple) item, you will only be able to refine it with 3 options. And, refining it will only give 2 additional stats, compared to the 3 that Legendary equipment receive.

Skeleton Sword +10, +15, +20

While this sword is a Legendary equipment, f2p players will find this easier to upgrade than the Crusader’s Sword. Because this sword is a Legendary, refining it will give you 3 additional stats from the 4 options. Also, it boosts your character’s critical hit rate, while the Crusader’s Sword does not. And, it can even outclass a Crusader’s Sword at +3.

However, when compared to the Crusader’s Sword at the same enhancement and level, the Crusader’s will undoubtedly be better.

Cadet’s boots +10

This pair of boots gives a high critical damage boost to your character. With the right stats, it can outclass +3 Crusader’s Boots.

Unfortunately, it is another Unique (purple) gear, which means it only has 3 options and will only receive 2 additional stats from refinement. Furthermore, the Crusader’s Boots boost your max HP, attack speed, and crit damage, which makes it much better than the Cadet’s Boots.

Cadet’s Ring +10

Unlike most accessories, this ring boosts your maximum mana, which is definitely helpful in continuously casting skills. And aside from the 200 to 500 mana that it gives, it also gives your character a high attack speed and critical hit rate bonus.

Sadly, the maximum mana boost becomes less important after some time. Once you get to the late game, you will get a mana regen boost and the Intelligence Rune, which reduces your mana consumption. Additionally, the Cadet’s Ring is another purple item, meaning it only has 3 options and 2 additional stats from refinement.

Why are the recommended gears in the guide only compared to the Crusader set?

Realistically, it will be very difficult for F2P players to obtain Legendary equipment above the Crusader set. Unless you buy jewels and Mimic Keys, you will have to hope for the best in the Arena rewards roll to get the Dwarf set items. 

As an F2P player, you will likely find yourself stuck at 10-10 Hard mode for a very long time, which means Crusader might be the highest you can get in a long while.






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