Credit to Xhuu#5456 for contributions to this guide. In AFK Dungeon, Raids are where you hatch dragon eggs and fight against powerful dragons. Upon defeating each dragon, you will receive rewards corresponding to the Raid level. Of course, the higher the Raid level, the better the rewards, but having a special role in the Raid… Continue reading Raid


Credit to Xhuu#5456 for his contributions to this guide. In AFK Dungeon, everyone’s characters can be unique. After all, every tiny decision you make can affect how far your character will get during every rebirth. One such factor that contributes to each character’s uniqueness is the Mastery. Basically, the Mastery determines which abilities your character… Continue reading Mastery


You can add other users to your friends list and check their online status. You can send a gift to your friends once a day. If a user removes you from their friends list or if you remove a user from your friends list, you will not be able to become friends again until the… Continue reading Friends


Camp Basic Info You can hire different types of helpers who automatically execute various functions.  By purchasing helper tokens and setting the desired conditions, the specific helper will use the tokens and automatically do their function. Helpers will not work if all tokens are consumed. Blacksmith When new equipment is acquired, it is used as… Continue reading Camp

Right Menu

Basic Right Menu Info Includes the different menus that will help you enter the dungeons. Settings Camera Choose between two different camera angles: bird’s-eye view and zoomed-in view. Background Music & Sound Effects Modify the volumes of sound effects and Background Music. Sleep Mode Adjust the time to enter sleep mode when idle or disable… Continue reading Right Menu


Credit to Xhuu#5456 for his contributions to this guide. As an endless action idle RPG, AFK Dungeon not only offers PVE or PVM (player versus monster) gameplay but also PVP (player versus player) gameplay. These battles between players take place in the Arena, where players fight to increase their ranking. Basic Rules Of course, the… Continue reading Arena


Rebirth Info When clearing a stage, the amount of Rebirth Stones accumulated is equal to the number of the World the player is currently in. Growth and stage progress are reset and accumulated Rebirth Stones are obtained during Rebirth. Fever Time is activated during Rebirth, allowing the character to quickly break through all previously completed… Continue reading Rebirth


Credit to Xhuu#5456 and Beard?#3905 for their contributions to this guide. Challenges are another feature to keep you occupied in AFK Dungeon. Just like all the other features, having a strategy also plays a huge part in completing Challenges. In AFK Dungeon, there are three types of Challenges that you can complete every day. And… Continue reading Challenges