Game Info


The Boss will appear after you defeat a certain number of regular monsters.

Defeating the Boss will take you to the next stage, and defeating the 10 Bosses in each stage, and defeating the 10 Bosses in each stage will take you to the next World.

Experience is not obtained while Resting, but a doubled experience buff is activated according to the stage progress. 

Combat UI


Your character will die if HP reaches 0 when attacked by monsters.

If your character doesn’t die, it will recover as much HP as its HP recovery rate every one 1 second.


Using skills uses up mana.

Yor character recovers as much mana as its mana recovery rate every 1 second.


Using them requires mana. After a skill has been used once, it can be used again after a certain period of time has passed.

Automatic Skills

Casts available skills automatically.

Chat Room

You can chat to the other players who are exploring the dungeons.

You can type up to 30 characters per message.

Bottom Menu


You can purchase various items.

Leveling Up

You can level up your character’s stats.


You can equip some gear after obtaining it from the dungeons and enhancing its stats.


You can equip some gear after obtaining it from the dungeons and enhancing its stats.

Create your own skill combinations.


Stones that bring out your character’s special abilities or skills’ potential.

They can be obtained at the Ancient Altar.

Top Menu

User Info

Check your character’s level, experience, power, and the maximum amount of gold they can acquire.

You can change your nickname. This costs 500 Jewels.

Check out the buffs that have been applied to your characters.


Currency required for leveling up your equipment.


Exclusive currency that can be used for various things.

Rebirth Stones

Material needed to upgrade Rebirth Stones and to enhance equipment.


Check which buffs have been applied to your character.

Left Menu


Your VIP level goes up each time you buy an item at the shop.

Discover the various benefits of the different VIP levels!


View the user info of players currently exploring the deepest parts of the dungeon.

Aim for the highest ranking


Enhance your skills with Mastery points earned by leveling up!

Bonus Dungeons

These dungeons can be re-entered at any given time.

If you fail to defeat all monsters, you won’t be able to receive any rewards.

You have to clear the previous stage in order to be able to move to the next one.

Please not that the upgraded gold values are not applied


Gold growth and stage progress are reset.

Rebirth stones can be obtained according to the current stage progress.

Your character can break through the previous stages quickly by entering Fevertime mode when it Rebirths.


Complete challenges with unique rules and earn daily ranking rewards.

Each dungeon gives the player 3 chances a day to complete a challenge.

The bottom tab is disbaled after entering a challenge dungeon.

Please note that the upgraded gold values are not applied.


Duel other adventurers in the Arena and prove your strength!

Right Menu


You can set the camera angle, background, sound effects, sleep mode, and vibration notifications.


Here you can check several rewards and messages that have been sent to you.

Attendance Rewards

You can receive a reward just by logging in every day.


Obtain rewards by playing the game and completing quests.


Earn rewards by playing the game and accomplishing certain quests.


Meet Mimic, the adorable dungeon mascot.

If you give him Jewels, he will spit out some equipment.






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