AFK Dungeon 1.0.30 Update

Source Version 1.0.30 was released on June 15th, 2021 Added Features Added Collection Skills. Special skills are now enhanced when all parts of an equipment set are collected. Reinforcement Skill List Royal Knight Set: Spark Skeleton King Set: Spike Crusader Set: Divine Sword Dwarf Lord Set: Whirlwind Other Sets: TBD Added Sweeper Tickets Obtain rewards… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.30 Update

AFK Dungeon 1.0.26 Update

Source 1.0.26 version was released on June 4, 2021 New Features Seventh server opening Due to the influx of global users we are opening a new server earlier than expected. New raid levels (Levels 21 and 22) opening Here you can obtain Black Dragon Knight’s equipment. Locking scroll If you try refining after using the… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.26 Update

AFK Dungeon 1.0.25 Update

Source Release Notes New patch released on May 28, 2021 contains three new bug fixes. Bug Fixes An issue where the nickname was not displayed properly has been resolved. An issue where the nickname was not saved on the server and coupons were not received has been resolved. An issue where the crit rate was… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.25 Update

AFK Dungeon 1.0.24 Update

Source Release Notes New patch released on May 27, 2021 contains lots of new features, a new server, enhancements, and more! New Features New (4th) server opening. Equipment sales function added.Sell equipment to earn gold!Level-ups, enhanced equipment & legendary grades cannot be sold. Rare Advanced Normal 15,000 Gold 10,000 Gold 5,000 Gold Prices Mimic key… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.24 Update

AFK Dungeon 1.0.20 Update

Source Update released on May 13, 2021. Release Notes A portal has opened and connected the dungeon to a parallel universe. Go on an adventure in a fascinating new world! Fierce dragons have made their way into the dungeon, and only you and your friends can fight them. To help you legendary equipment sets containing… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.20 Update

AFK Dungeon 1.0.19 Update

Source Update released on May 7. Patch Note The terrible curse of the Skeleton King, who made everyone’s HP reach 0 in the Tower of Trials, was unleashed briefly but then contained once again. Thanks to all the little Mimics that worked hard and tirelessly, they are now able to carry many more amounts of… Continue reading AFK Dungeon 1.0.19 Update