Rebirth Info

When clearing a stage, the amount of Rebirth Stones accumulated is equal to the number of the World the player is currently in.

Growth and stage progress are reset and accumulated Rebirth Stones are obtained during Rebirth.

Fever Time is activated during Rebirth, allowing the character to quickly break through all previously completed stages.

Fever Time is calculated by multiplying the number of stages completed after Rebirth by 0.5 seconds.

World Number gradually increases regardless of increased difficulty.

ex) Hard 1-1:11, Very Hard 1-1: 21

Random buffs are applied until the next Rebirth:

  • Physical Skill Damage 100% Increase
  • Elemental Skill Damage 100% Increase
  • Holy Skill Damage 100% Increase
  • Dark Skill Damage 100% Increase

Difficulty can be selected upon Rebirth.

Rebirth location will be Stage 1-1 depending on selected difficulty.

Rebirth difficulty can only be equal to or less than the currently selected difficulty.

Rebirth is not possible in World 1 or 2 with the same difficulty.

Rebirth Shop

The Rebirth Shop appears following Rebirth and after completing 100 stages.

Rebirth Stones can be exchanged for various items at the Rebirth Shop.

If you have insufficient Rebirth Stones, you can purchase some with Jewels.

The Rebirth Shop is available for a maximum of 10 minutes.






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