Basic Skill Info

You can obtain powerful skills the higher level your character is.

Create your own skill combinations.

Skill Tab Info

There are 4 types of skills. Depending on the skill type, the increase of skill damage has a different effect on stats, mastery and runes.


Uses up the character’s HP. Fast and powerful.


Summons the power of the elements.

Focuses on wide-area attacks and has a short cooldown time.


Uses the power of justice.

Focuses on protecting the character who casts it.


Embraces the power of the dungeons.

Powerful but consumes a lot of mana.


You can set and save your own skill combinations.

Try making different skill combinations for each situation!


Skillbooks can be earned each time the character levels up.

Skillbooks are used to level up the different skills.

Skills are at Level 1 by default when obtained and can go up to Level 5.

Once a character reaches Level 50, the skill level limit increases by 1.

Each time a character’s level increases by 10 after reaching Level 50, the skill level limit increases by 1 each time.

The skill level limit reaches a maximum of 10 when the character reaches Level 90.

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