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  • Bonus Dungeons

    Credit to Xhuu#5456 for his contributions to this guide. AFK Dungeon offers three bonus dungeons to the player: the Gold Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and the Exp Dungeon. These dungeons allow your character to collect more of the different currencies in game, which means that your character gets stronger faster. The “Dungeon” menu can be found […]

  • Ranking

    Basic Ranking Info Information about the real-time ranking of other adventures exploring the dungeons. User Info View the user info of players currently exploring the deepest parts of the dungeon. Aim for the highest ranking.

  • VIP

    Basic VIP Info VIP-related information Additional VIP Points needed to reach this VIP Level. VIP 0: 0 VIP 1: 200 VIP 2: 400 VIP 3: 1200 VIP 4: 2500 VIP 5: 4000 VIP 6: 6000 VIP 7: 8500 VIP 8: 12000 VIP 9: 17000 VIP 10: 25000 VIP 11: 35000 VIP 12: 47000 VIP 13: […]

  • Equipment

    Credit to Xhuu#5456 for contributions to this guide. In AFK Dungeon, your character can equip a helmet, armor, boots, gloves, accessories, a weapon, and a shield. You can obtain any of these gear from defeating boss monsters, running the Equipment Dungeon, and completing the Tower of Trials Challenge. In the Equipment tab, you can choose […]

  • Shop

    Basic Shop Info You can purchase a variety of items. Limited Edition Item Limited Items Items that can only be purchased once per account. Daily limited items Items that can be only purchased once a day. Subscription Item Effects last for the period displayed on the item. Quick Growth Gold and EXP  obtained in stages, […]

  • Runes

    Basic Rune Info Runes are stones that bring out your character’s special abilities or skill’s potential. They can be obtained at the Ancient Altar. Rune Tab Info Presets Rune combinations can be set and saved in advance. Types Runes are effective when used one the same type of skill. Make sure that the runes match […]

  • Skills

    Basic Skill Info You can obtain powerful skills the higher level your character is. Create your own skill combinations. Skill Tab Info There are 4 types of skills. Depending on the skill type, the increase of skill damage has a different effect on stats, mastery and runes. Physical Uses up the character’s HP. Fast and […]

  • Level Up

    Level Up Tab Info You can enhance your character’s stats. Gold Growth Spend some gold to enhance your stats. The cost to level up increases gradually. The upgraded gold values are not applied in the Bonus Dungeon, the Challenge Dungeon and the arena. Rebirthing resets the upgraded gold value. Rebirth Stone Growth Use Rebirth Stones […]

  • World

    World Info Information about the World each dungeon exists in. Each World has 10 stages and defeating all Bosses in each stage will allow you to move to the next World. Defeating the Skeleton King will make Worlds increase in difficulty starting from Worlds 10-10 depending on the player’s choice. If you are defeated by […]

  • Game Info

    Dungeon The Boss will appear after you defeat a certain number of regular monsters. Defeating the Boss will take you to the next stage, and defeating the 10 Bosses in each stage, and defeating the 10 Bosses in each stage will take you to the next World. Experience is not obtained while Resting, but a […]