The Complete Beginner’s Guide to AFK Dungeon

If you’re new to the game or are interested in trying it out, this guide is for you.

afk dungeon raid

A 3D idle RPG filled with endless action, AFK Dungeon has gameplay that’s fun and addictive. With all the dungeons, challenges, raids, quests, achievements, skills, masteries, and equipment to think about, you won’t run out of things to do. Of course, as an idle RPG, AFK Dungeon is equipped with auto combat, auto skill usage, and even auto boss battles.

It may seem easy, but you’ll need a great deal of strategy to get far in the game. As the game progresses, your hero will fight wave after wave of monsters and bosses. You will have to level up your character’s attributes, choose your skills carefully, upgrade your masteries, and equip the strongest weapon and armor you have. Each decision you make, no matter how tiny, can have a big impact on how far your hero gets during each rebirth.

Of course, you can choose to turn off the auto usage of skills and auto boss battles if you want to. But, the auto features are very convenient when you need to just let the game run in the background. Having the auto features enabled also allows you to focus on the most important part of the game—strategy. You’ll need to experiment with different skill and rune combinations, on top of carefully allocating your mastery points and upgrading the right equipment.

We made this guide to help you as you start your AFK Dungeon journey. If you have any other questions, join our Discord server, and don’t be ashamed to ask anything—everyone was a beginner at one point!

Getting Started

Right from the start, your character will begin battling endless waves of monsters in each stage. 

afk dungeon getting started

As your character defeats monsters, the purple bar on top fills up. Once this bar is full, your character will be ready to fight against the boss monster. If you have the auto boss combat option enabled, your character will automatically fight against each boss monster even when you’re AFK. To move on, you will have to defeat the boss monster in each stage.

As you progress, notice a red orb on the lower-left corner of the screen and a blue orb on the lower-right corner.

The red orb signifies your character’s HP, but most monsters at the beginning won’t do much harm to your character. Of course, boss monsters are different so make sure to keep an eye on the red orb when fighting against bosses.

Keep in mind that your character will need the ability to regenerate HP as he fights against hordes of monsters. Your character’s HP and ability to regenerate will depend on his stats and equipment. You will find your character at the end of his road if he runs out of HP faster than he can kill the enemies.

If you find your character losing HP too quickly, you will need to level up some of your character’s attributes, such as Max HP and HP Regen. Alternatively, you can upgrade equipment that gives any boost to his HP. Or, equip a skill that gives him defense or even immunity for a few seconds.

On the other hand, the blue orb shows your character’s mana. You’ll notice that your character depletes mana quickly, especially if you have auto skills turned on. Each skill usage will use up a specific amount of mana, so make sure not to choose skills that all need a high amount of mana to use. Also, keep an eye on the Cooldown time of each skill as you will want to utilize as much of your mana as possible.

Leveling Up Character Attributes

On the bottom of the screen, you will see a tab labeled “Level Up” where you can enhance your character’s attributes. Once you click it, you will see the character attributes that you can upgrade; namely:

  • Attack: Upgrading this attribute increases your character’s damage to enemies.
  • Max HP: By upgrading this attribute, your character will receive a boost to his HP.
  • Defense: This refers to your character’s ability to block enemy attacks. Upgrading this means your character will take less damage from enemies.
  • HP Regen: Measured per second, upgrading this attribute gives your character the ability to regenerate more HP and faster. 
  • Crit Damage: The higher your character’s critical damage, the more damage he will be able to inflict even without skills.

Of course, you will need to use gold to level up these attributes. As you progress, you’ll find gold to be an invaluable resource as you will need it for various upgrades to make your character stronger.

afk dungeon level up

Monsters and bosses drop gold, so keep defeating enemies and boss monsters to get as much gold as you can. Since AFK Dungeon is an idle game, you will also receive gold even when AFK farming.

Equipping Character Gear

To the right of the “Level Up” tab on the bottom of the screen, you will find the “Equipment” tab. This is where you will be able to equip and upgrade your character’s equipment.

afk dungeon equipment

When you first unlock the tab, the game’s tutorial will prompt you to auto-equip what you can. At this point, the game will automatically equip your character with the gear that has the highest power. But later on, you will need to carefully choose the best gear to equip.

As you defeat boss monsters, some may drop weapons and equipment. A tiny red dot will appear on the equipment tab after a defeated boss monster drops a piece of equipment.

Improving Equipment

You will notice that your character will need to equip a weapon, armor, and accessories. To upgrade each piece of equipment, you will need the same type to use as enhancement material.

For instance, if you want to upgrade your character’s sword, you will need to use other weapons as enhancement materials. They don’t necessarily have to be the exact same sword or weapon, but the catch is that duplicate swords will make it easier to level up your sword.

afk dungeon upgrade equipment

To upgrade your character’s equipment, simply go to the equipment tab, select which gear you want to upgrade, tap on the “level up” button, choose the enhancement materials, then press the level up button again. Higher-level equipment will use up more enhancement materials.

However, keep in mind that any gear used as enhancement materials will be gone forever. Make sure to equip the best gear to avoid mistakenly using high-quality equipment as enhancement materials.

Unlocking and Equipping New Skills

When you begin playing AFK Dungeon, you will only have one skill unlocked. But, as you defeat monsters, gain exp, and level up, you will unlock more skills along the way.

At the moment, you can unlock 16 different skills, with each one having a unique effect. Some skills deal damage, while others buff the character. One skill even summons your character’s shadow to fight for a few seconds! 

To level up as fast as you can, make sure not to skip out on the EXP dungeon. The higher your character’s level is, the more skills you will have unlocked, and the more skill combinations you can use.

Choosing the Best Skill Combo

You can equip your character with up to 4 skills at a time. To do so, go to the skill menu, located to the right of the equipment tab on the bottom of the screen. Tap on any unlocked skill that you want to equip, then tap on the green “Equip” button. 

afk dungeon skills

As we’ve said more than once, strategy plays a huge part in AFK Dungeon. You will need to choose the best skills and pick the best skill combination for each instance. Because of this, the developers have made it possible to choose from the 5 skill sets that you make.

You will be able to create 5 different skill combinations and aim each one to a specific instance. For example, you can create a specific skill set for dungeons, one for challenges, another for raids, and another one for defeating enemies and boss monsters.

Upgrading Skills

Once you’ve tried out different skill combinations and found the ones that work best for you, you will want to start upgrading your skills. Each skill upgrade will use up a certain amount of skill books, which you will receive every time your character levels up.

afk dungeon skill upgrade

Each skill gets upgraded differently, so make sure to consider everything before upgrading your skills. Some skills receive a damage boost when upgraded, while other skills take effect for longer.

To enhance a skill, simply highlight the skill you want to upgrade, tap the blue “Level Up” button to the right, then click the level up button again. For each skill, a part of their description is marked with red text. Keep in mind that this red text is what gets improved when the skill is upgraded.

Getting New Equipment

Aside from the equipment that boss monsters drop, there exists another way to get new equipment—the Mimic Chest. In fact, it is much easier to get equipment from the Mimic Chest, but it comes at a cost. You will need to watch an ad, use jewels, or use a key to open a certain number of chests.

The Mimic Chest can be found on the top-left corner of the screen. The first option allows you to open 3 free chests by watching a 30-second ad. Keep in mind that you can only watch one ad every 30 minutes, with a maximum of 5 per day. Alternatively, you can use 500 jewels to open 6 chests or 1 key to open 10 chests.

afk dungeon mimic chest

Each chest will grant you random equipment. Whether you receive a weapon, armor, or accessory will be up to your luck. Additionally, the Mimic Chest has levels. The higher the level, the better the equipment you will receive.

Equipment in AFK Dungeon are graded as follows:

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Legendary

The good news is, you won’t receive normal equipment from the Mimic Chest. This means that receiving rare equipment has the highest probability (78.5%). You have a 21% probability to receive unique equipment and a 0.5% probability to get legendary equipment.

Allocating Mastery Points

As you play the game, you receive a mastery point each time your character levels up. Because there are four mastery types, everyone can combine various abilities from each branch to create their own unique character. 

The “Mastery” menu can be found on the top-left corner of the screen, below the Mimic Chest. As soon as you open the menu, you will see 4 character types that you can choose to master.

Under each type, multiple branches exist, and every circle under each branch gives your character distinct abilities. For the Warrior type, you will see Strength at the top, with two branches under it. Precision and Sharpness can be found under the first branch, while Fast Sword and Ultra Instinct can be found under the other. 

Before allocating any mastery points, make sure to tap on each circle and read the detailed descriptions of each ability. The masteries you complete first will all depend on your gameplay and which stat you value most.

afk dungeon mastery

In AFK Dungeon, the four mastery types each focus on different areas:

  • Warrior: Mastery points focus on increasing your character’s normal attack-related stats and physical skills.
  • Knight: This type focuses on your character’s defensive abilities and holy skill damage.
  • Wizard: Allocating points to this mastery type enhances your character’s ability to use skills. It also increases the damage of elemental skills and even all skills.
  • Rogue: Lastly, focusing on this type makes it easier for your character to earn the different currencies in AFK Dungeon. It also improves your character’s dark skill damage.

To unlock any of the branches under the top circle, you will first need to max it out. Once you’ve allocated 5 points to the first circle, you can either upgrade the newly unlocked masteries or allocate points to other mastery types.

Running Dungeons

AFK Dungeon has three dungeons; namely the Gold Dungeon, Equipment Dungeon, and Exp Dungeon. As their names state, running each dungeon gives you either gold, equipment, or exp, respectively.

The “Dungeon” menu can be found on the top-left corner of the screen below the Mastery menu. 

Choose between the three dungeons, tap on the entrance button, and tap on the entrance button again to enter. For each dungeon run, you will need to fill up the purple bar on top. Once you’ve filled it up, you will exit the dungeon and receive your rewards.

afk dungeon dungeons

You can enter dungeons throughout the day, but you will need to wait for 10 minutes between each run. Make sure to enter the dungeons as much as you can as they give more gold, equipment, and exp than you will get by just killing enemies and boss monsters normally.

Lastly, each dungeon level has a recommended power listed below the entrance button. Follow these as much as you can to avoid wasting your dungeon runs. You will unlock the higher levels by beating the lower-level dungeons once. Your character’s power (found below your username beside a sword icon) mainly depends on your equipment.

Going Through Rebirth

Once your character has reached the farthest he can go, you will have to go through rebirth. Basically, a rebirth means that your character’s attributes and stage progress will be reset. In exchange, you will receive Rebirth Stones, which can be used to level up your attributes or buy items from the Rebirth Shop. Most of these are rare items that you will need for upgrades.

After going through a rebirth, you will need to choose the difficulty you will rebirth at (initially only Normal). Fever Time gets activated after rebirth, which allows your character to quickly smash his way through the first few of your previously defeated stages.

afk dungeon rebirth

The farther your character got before needing to go through a rebirth, the longer the Fever Time will be. So make sure to go as far as you can before going through a rebirth!

Additionally, each rebirth will grant your character a random buff. It can either be a 100% physical skill damage increase, a 100% elemental skill damage increase, a 100% holy skill damage increase, or a 100% dark skill damage increase.

As we said, you won’t run out of things to do in AFK Dungeon. You will need to learn many things as strategy plays a huge part in progress, so check out our other guides and learn how to make your character as strong as possible.

Claiming Attendance Reward

By playing AFK Dungeon every day, you will be able to receive attendance rewards. Simply tap the Attendance icon on the top-right corner of the screen and claim the rewards for the day.

afk dungeon attendance rewards

Make sure to log into AFK Dungeon every day so you can receive jewels and VIP points for free!

Redeeming Coupon Codes

Aside from attendance rewards, quest rewards, and achievement rewards, you can also redeem coupon codes. If you don’t know how, visit our coupon code guide to learn.

afk dungeon coupon code

Some coupon codes can only be claimed for a limited time, so make sure you visit our guide often to check for any updates! We recommend bookmarking our page as we update our list as soon as any coupon codes are made available.






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