World Info

Information about the World each dungeon exists in.

Each World has 10 stages and defeating all Bosses in each stage will allow you to move to the next World.

Defeating the Skeleton King will make Worlds increase in difficulty starting from Worlds 10-10 depending on the player’s choice.

If you are defeated by the Skeleton King, your character will be resurrected in Stage 10-9.

Raging Mushroom Attack

Boss: Mushroom Avenger

  • Those mushrooms you kicked are stronger than you thought.

Tarantula’s Den

Boss: Great Tarantula

  • A super-massive Tarantula born as a mutation. It’s non-poisonous.

Centennial Beach

Boss: Century Hermit Crab

  • A 100-year-old hermit crab that has found its home by hunting a 100-year-old shell. It’s now looking for a 101-year-old shell as its new home.

Trackless Village

Boss: Cerberus Snake

  • He has three heads, so he is three times smarter than other snakes. At least that’s what it thinks.

Blood Cave

Boss: Blood Sucking Bat

  • The King of vampire bats. His favorite snack is garlic.

Spectre Cemetery

Boss: Ghost Skull

  • The idea of combining the body of a ghost strong against physical attacks with the body of a skeleton strong against magic attacks is perfect. At least in theory.

Valet of Overflowing Mana

Boss: Trio Flower

  • A flower with the powerful mana of a dungeon. 
  • It relentlessly attacks the source of mana.

Town of Mad Wizards

Boss: Mad Wizard

  • He used to be the best wizard, but he went mad and forgot all magic. He has come up with a new type of magic by hitting the enemies’ heads with his wand.

Minotaur Kingdom

Boss: Minotaur King

  • The strongest Minotaur in the dungeon. The gorgeous fur on his mohawk is surprisingly naturally red.

Drill Hall Of Dead Knights

Boss: Master Death Knight

  • The Knight Commander who has returned from the dead. He has chosen you as his successor.

Boss: Skeleton King(10-10)

  • You have finally met the Skeleton King, your long-time enemy.
  • Defeat the Skeleton King and become the master of the dungeon!
  • If you are defeated by the Skeleton King, your character will be resurrected in stage 10-9.






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