Right Menu

Basic Right Menu Info

Includes the different menus that will help you enter the dungeons.



Choose between two different camera angles: bird’s-eye view and zoomed-in view.

Background Music & Sound Effects

Modify the volumes of sound effects and Background Music.

Sleep Mode

Adjust the time to enter sleep mode when idle or disable sleep mode.

Vibration Notifications

Get vibration notifications when a certain content is finished.


A guidebook that contains all the necessary information needed to enter the dungeons.


An item will be sent to your mailbox after a coupon has been entered.


You can check the gifts and messages that have been sent to you.

Attendance Reward

You can obtain rewards once a day.

Mark your attendance every day and collect Jewels!


Daily Quests reset every day at GMT 00:00.

Weekly Quests reset every Monday at GMT 00:00.


Earn rewards each time you complete a certain achievement.

The count of achievements is reduced whenever a reward is received and finished accomplishments can be completed again.

Extra rewards are given each time a certain number of achievements of the same type is completed.


Achievements that can be completed by exploring the dungeons and fighting monsters.

Level Up

Achievements that are completed when stats are leveled up.


Achievements related to the various challenges available in AFK Dungeon.

Mr. Mimic

The adorable dungeon mascot who feeds on Jewels.

If you feed it Jewels, it will give you the equipment it has picked up in the dungeons.

The more Jewels it eats, the more mimic grows and the rarer equipment it will give you.

Mimic Key

This key is made from a rare metal that Mimic loves.

By giving it this key, you’ll get more EXP and Mimic will spit out some equipment.

Probability of equipment appearing by grade:

Equipment TypeEquipment Probability %
Equipment type drop rates.

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