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Challenges are another feature to keep you occupied in AFK Dungeon. Just like all the other features, having a strategy also plays a huge part in completing Challenges.

In AFK Dungeon, there are three types of Challenges that you can complete every day. And for each challenge, your character gets three attempts per day. Each Challenge has unique rules and gives you different rewards depending on your character’s ranking in each Challenge at the end of the day.

Ancient Altar

The first Challenge that you unlock is the Ancient Altar. The Ancient Altar is where your character can obtain runes, which play a huge role in AFK Dungeon, so make sure to use all three of your attempts each day.

In the Ancient Altar, the more enemies you defeat within the time limit, the more rewards you earn.

Furthermore, note that the remaining time you have left in the Ancient Altar increases every time you kill an enemy. So, the key to earning more rewards in each Ancient Altar attempt is defeating enemies as quickly as possible.


The Mines Challenge is where you can obtain Grindstones, which allow you to refine your equipment. In this Challenge, you will need to mine as much ore as you can within the time limit. Unlike the Ancient Altar, your remaining time in the Mines does not increase.

The more ore you mine, the more difficult it will be to mine ore. Basically, this means that your damage output will need to be the highest you can deal.

We recommend equipping a skill set that focuses on DPS since there will be no enemies to defend against in the Mines.

As a beginner, you can rely on skills such as Divine Sword, Dark Shadow, and Darkness Protection to deal as much damage as you can. These skills don’t cost too much mana, allowing you to cast them until the timer ends.

Once your character gets stronger, you can change your skills to ones that require more mana to cast. Skills such as Berserk, Rain of Gate, Divine Sword, and Dark Orb will increase your damage greatly, but you will need much more mana to cast them until the timer ends.

Because it becomes more difficult to mine the more ore you break, the key to mining more ore is by dealing huge damage at once. With this in mind, skills such as Divine Sword work best for this Challenge.

Tower of Trials

The third Challenge, the Tower of Trials, is where your character battles the Skeleton King’s apparition. In AFK Dungeon’s lore, the Skeleton King conquered the dungeon in ancient times, which is why he stands guard at the Tower of Trials.

Unlike the first two Challenges, this one is virtually endless. After conquering one floor by defeating the Skeleton King’s apparition on that floor, you get the option to climb to the next level or stop. You get this choice after conquering each floor.

By moving on to the next floor, you gain the chance to receive more rewards upon clearing the floor. However, take note that your character’s HP does not get restored when you choose to move to the next floor. 

While defeating the next floor may give you more rewards, failing to do so will result in you losing half of the rewards you had already earned so far. Make sure to continue only when you are sure you can successfully clear the next floor.

The Tower of Trials is an invaluable Challenge as it gives you a probability of obtaining the Skeleton King’s equipment from the chests.


Each Challenge has three quests that you can complete each day. By completing each quest, you will receive jewels as a reward. In fact, completing all 9 quests will grant you 450 jewels in total.

History and Rewards

Every day, all players’ Challenge progress resets. The daily ranking, which lists each player’s progress, also resets.

Upon opening the Challenge interface for the first time every day, you get to claim Rewards based on your character’s previous Challenge ranking from the day before.






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