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In AFK Dungeon, Raids are where you hatch dragon eggs and fight against powerful dragons. Upon defeating each dragon, you will receive rewards corresponding to the Raid level. Of course, the higher the Raid level, the better the rewards, but having a special role in the Raid also gets you better rewards.

Additionally, you can choose to fight each dragon on your own or ask your friends to help you. Hosting a Raid in private mode will make other players unable to enter it, while hosting a public Raid does the opposite. Your friends will be able to join any public Raids that you host. Keep in mind that you can make private Raids public at any time, but you cannot make public Raids private.

Hosting a Raid

To start hosting a Raid, you will need to hatch a dragon egg. All Raids begin at level 1, but ending Raids successfully gives you the ability to host higher level Raids afterward. Additionally, every time your character’s level increases by 5, the highest Raid level that you can host also increases by 1.

Also, keep in mind that there are no level restrictions to participate in Raids. For instance, a Level 100 character will be able to host a Level 10 Raid or below.

You unlock Raids once your character reaches Level 30, which means that you can host Level 6 Raids as soon as you unlock the feature. Of course, a Level 6 Raid may be too difficult if you don’t have strong friends to help you out, so you can also choose to host lower-level Raids if you want to.

Note that each Raid lasts for 4 hours and that you will only be able to host one Raid at a time. Make sure to plan your Raids thoroughly.

Entering a Raid

As soon as your character reaches Level 30, you will unlock the ability to join Raids. In fact, you can join a Raid as soon as you unlock the feature, provided that you have any friends currently hosting a Raid.

Your character can enter each Raid a maximum of 3 times for free. Or, you can enter one more time by spending 500 jewels.

Additionally, you will get a time limit of just 1 minute each time you enter a raid, so make sure to maximize that minute. Each Raid entry ends after a minute or sooner—if your character’s HP reaches 0 or if the dragon’s HP reaches 0 before the minute is up.

Although you can only enter each Raid 3 times for free, you can still participate in various Raids and still receive rewards from all of them. So, try not to skip out on any public Raids hosted by your friends. Furthermore, try to join each Raid as soon as you can because each Raid can only admit up to 20 players.

Successful Raids

Successful Raids are those where you defeat the dragon and hack away at the dragon’s HP until it hits 0. In this case, the Raid will end once you have slain the dragon, even if you have 3 hours remaining on the clock.

Remember, all players with special roles who took part in successful Raids receive extra rewards.

Special Roles

  • Dragon Seeker: Player who hatched the dragon egg or hosted the Raid.
  • Dragon Slayer: Raid participant who dealt the final blow to the dragon.
  • Dragon Hunter: Raid participant who dealt the most damage to the dragon.

Failed Raids

In contrast, your Raid will fail if you have not defeated the dragon when the time runs out. In this case, all Raid participants will receive loot corresponding to the Raid level, but you will not be able to receive any extra rewards or special chests.

Raid Dragon Types 

There are four types of dragon eggs and from each egg emerges a specific kind of dragon.

Red Dragon

Known as the most ferocious kind of dragon, the Red Dragon boasts a powerful attack combined with a fast speed.

If you manage to defeat the Red Dragon, Raid participants may obtain weapons, accessories, and their Equipment Essence.

Green Dragon

Known as the most patient dragon out of the four types, the Green Dragon has a high HP and attacks players with poison, continuously dealing damage until the Raid ends.

Defeating the Green Dragon will give you the chance to obtain shields, armor, and their Equipment Essence.

Blue Dragon

Considered to be the strongest of all dragons, the Blue Dragon has a high defense that makes it difficult to defeat. At the same time, the Blue Dragon can also freeze players, which makes it even more troublesome.

By defeating the Blue Dragon, you can receive helmets, gloves, shoes, and their Equipment Essence as rewards.

Gold Dragon

In AFK Dungeon Raids, the Gold Dragon remains the most difficult opponent to face. Known as the rarest and most powerful out of all dragons, the gold dragon has all the abilities that make the Red, Green, and Blue Dragons difficult to face.

Because of how difficult it is to defeat the Gold Dragon, the rewards are also more generous. Defeating the Gold Dragon gives all Raid participants the chance to obtain all kinds of equipment as well as their Essence.

Raid Rewards

Once the Raid ends, all Raid participants will receive rewards. However, the rewards you receive may vary greatly depending on the outcome of the Raid.

For instance, a successful Raid will result in all Raid participants receiving a specific amount of loot according to the Raid level. Additionally, all players who had special roles in completing the Raid will receive an extra chest for their effort.

On the other hand, participants of an unsuccessful Raid receive no special chests, even if they had a special role. The good news is, all Raid participants will still receive a specific amount of loot according to the Raid level.


Once each Raid ends, all participants receive loot. This loot can either be equipment Essence or gold, and the amount of gold varies according to the type of dragon that was hatched.

At the end of a Gold Dragon Raid, all participants will receive double the amount of loot they usually get from Raids against other dragons.

Special Chest

Keep in mind that only those with special roles will receive special chests at the end of a successful Raid. The contents of these special chests vary depending on the type of dragon that was defeated. They may contain loot or Legendary equipment, so fulfilling a special role should be one of your goals for each Raid.

Of course, the probability of receiving a piece of Legendary equipment gets higher the more difficult the Raid is.

For instance, defeating a Level 10+ Gold Dragon in a Raid will result in the special chests containing Legendary equipment at a 100% probability. However, no Legendary equipment can be obtained in Raids under Level 9.

Reward Probability

As we said, the more difficult the Raid, the better the rewards. The probability of rewards obtainable from each Raid level are as follows:

  • Level 1: 1
  • Level 2: 1
  • Level 3: 1
  • Level 4: 1
  • Level 5: 1
  • Level 6: 2
  • Level 7: 2
  • Level 8: 2
  • Level 9: 2
  • Level 10: 2, Royal Knight equipment
  • Level 11: 3, Royal Knight equipment
  • Level 12: 3, Royal Knight equipment
  • Level 13: 3, Skeleton King equipment
  • Level 14: 3, Skeleton King equipment
  • Level 15: 3, Crusader equipment
  • Level 16: 4, Crusader equipment
  • Level 17: 4, Dwarf Lord equipment
  • Level 18: 4, Dwarf Lord equipment
  • Level 19: 4, Death Emperor equipment
  • Level 20: 4, Death Emperor equipment
  • Level 21: 5, Black Dragon equipment
  • Level 22: 5, Black Dragon equipment


Receiving a special role in each Raid you take part in should be one of your goals. This way, you will receive more special chests, which means you may obtain more Legendary equipment.

To help you out, we recommend equipping the following skills: Dark Shadow, Berserk, and Tornado. By equipping those skills into your Raid skill set, your character will be able to deal a higher, more stable DPS. 

For the fourth skill, you can equip your favorite skill or any skill that you like, but keep in mind that your character should be able to tank the dragon.

If your character has a high enough defense to tank the dragon without using any skills, you can opt for another damage-type skill. But if not, you could equip Divine Protection instead.

In that case, your skill set should look like this: Divine Protection – Dark Shadow – Berserk – Tornado






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